Collection: Winter Thumblers (No longer available)

My Winter Thumblers have been painstakingly and passionately crafted to optimize your wintry imbibing experience.

They are the ultimate seasonal sipping vessels for your preferred brew (coffee + tea), wine, cocktail, beer or spirit of choice. 
A most comforting, stylish - and functional! - addition to your beverage HQ's visual landscape throughout the holidays, New Year and beyond...

No two pieces are alike. Every Thumbler's slight artistic variations make each piece unique and a true original! Always 1 of 1.


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New collection drop!

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Releasing a small batch of hand crafted ceramic tableware with unique glazes inspired by my winter in NOTL.

Free pick up in Niagara region available, inquire for low rate pickups in Ottawa, Montréal & Toronto.

If some pieces are sold out, pre-order and custom pieces are available, contact us for more info.